Japanese Art Inspired Designs

Every little detail has been measured and rethought over and over again. Which ultimately ended up in creating a minimalistic Japanese art style for everyday wear.

Matt Mortier

"Born in the Netherlands, with Brazilian blood running through his veins he eagerly awaits for any challenge to push him to the next level"

Matt Mortier is best known for his unique, visual, and entertaining videos on YouTube. What started out as a dream, became reality, really fast, which propelled him to opportunities alongside the likes of Just Moonshot, Jake Gagain, Crypto Deb, and many more.

As a content creator, his self-produced YouTube series has amassed thousands of views. With just 17 episodes released between September 2021 to December 2021, Matt Mortier has gained over 5000 subscribers in a little over two months, creating unique and entertaining content that viewers can’t wait to share with others.

His monthly live streams further promote positivity and keep fans engaged while having fun! Matt also truly believes in giving back to his community; to that end, and embracing that ethos, Matt has given away billions of tokens to his supporters during live treams and on Twitter, and will continue that trend into the future with new and even more exciting giveaways!

Matt's background in music, filmmaking, marketing, trading, cryptocurrency, and even having owned multiple businesses, is a reflection of his life-long fascination for personal development. Matt Mortier constantly strives to push the boundaries of his own abilities, while reaching for new approaches to further develop his skills.

As part of the development team for Totally A Rug Pull (TARP), Matt seeks out to expand his knowledge even more and work together with Justin "Just" Moonshot to create an engaging and safe place for any type of investor.